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Lime Go provides you with everything you need to take your sales to a new level.

Find New Clients

Never before has it been this easy to find new clients

How do I find new clients today? There are many proven ways, everything from door-to-door selling and crazy marketing campaigns to purchasing expensive lists with contact details. Regardless of their method, many experience that they encounter practical and psychological problems when they are out on the market. Do you know exactly which businesses would be good clients? There is a better way!

Find new clients with Lime Go


  • Unlimited access to information and contact details to all Swedish businesses – put your time into working clients rather than searching for information.
  • Twin matching – Enter a business name and Lime Go will find all similar businesses. Ready to be worked.
  • Call lists – collect similar potential clients in one list. Easy to follow up and compare different segments or pitches.

Drive your business

From a business opportunity to signed offer

What does your business process look like? What steps are important when you are operating your business? And how much is your sales pipeline worth? Regardless of how you work with your sales, Lime Go will help you work structured and efficiently with your sales process.

Drive your business


  • Set the steps in your sales process and see how your sales pipeline grow.
  • Collect all information about the deal, such as notes, documents, probability and history in one place.
  • Reminders that will help you remember and prioritize your time.
  • Clever workflows that will help you take the deal to the next level.
  • Get a summary of how things are going. The sales overview shows how much is ongoing and what has just been won.

Nurture Your Relationships

Take care of your clients

Do you keep track of what you have said, done and promised your clients? In order to build long-lasting relationships, you have to start by staying organised. Satisfied clients will be a bonus.

Nurture Your Relationships

Take care of your customers

  • Overview of all your relationships, collected in one place.
  • History where you can keep track of what you have said, done and promised your clients.
  • Always updated contact information – Stop looking for information, do what you do best instead.
  • Easy and user-friendly – Not a big, complex system with time-consuming administration.


With all information about your relationships gathered in one place, you and your colleagues get a mutual picture of your clients. If Ernie unfortunately is unwell, Bert can take over and i.e. answer questions from the client or continue to drive the deal.

Integrate with the Outside World

Clever tools provide lots of opportunities

It’s very difficult to be the best at everything. Instead we believe in making a great sales tool, that cannot do everything, but is really great at sales (the best if you ask us…). We therefore want to make it easy for you to connect Lime Go with other tools that are best at what they are helping you with.

Google Maps
Visma eAccounting
iCal calendars


Through Zapier Lime Go can be connected with over 500 other services. Breathtaking! If that is not enough, our API is both open and well-documented, so you are free to write your own connection.

As icing on the cake we have connected a couple of smart services for you already from the get-go.

  • Google Maps so you can easily see where the business is located.
  • MailChimp for clever mailings.
  • Visma eAccounting for your accounting.
  • Your calendar so that you can keep track of your meetings


Every time a business opportunity is created in Go everyone on the team receives a notification through the chat tool slack. The client is automatically added to our client list in MailChimp, and an activation link is sent via Mandrill.

When there is a change in the business opportunity, such as the deal being won, the entire team is notified again via Slack.

To not reveal too much, we leave the rest to your imagination but you can probably picture how Keen, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Twitter and Ducksboard can be connected to this.

Analyse and Develop

The insights you need to succeed

How do you work to be the best sales rep you can be? Give yourself the foundation to learn and develop in your sales work. With Lime Go you get the insights you need to take your sales forward.

Monitor your development in Lime Go

Monitor your development in Lime Go:

  • Monitor how the value of your sales pipeline develops over time.
  • Activity levels - Calculate your hit rate from first contact to deal and predict your sale.
  • Test your target groups - Follow up on your call lists and find out what it is that makes you successful in i.e. geographic area, a specific company size or turnover interval.


By calculating backwards on how many activities you need to close a deal you easily find your hit rate::

  • How many meetings do you need to close a deal?
  • How many sales calls do you need to book a meeting?

Say you have to have 3 meetings to close a deal, and call 10 calls to land a meeting. Your hit rate is then 3%, you close 1 deal per 30 calls.

More than 1000 companies have a head start.

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