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Treatment of personal data

In connection with testing free-of-charge and any following order, I consent to my personal data, including name, e-mail address, phone number for calls and text, being stored and used by Lime Technologies for the purpose of digital services, marketing, to contravene misuse and for statistics and other analyses.

Personal data that I directly or indirectly transfer by using Lime Technologies digital services may, together with others personal data, be used by Lime Technologies for the purposes of marketing and to adapt the content, services and advertising directed to me and for the purpose of developing new services. Information regarding my use of digital services is amongst others collected by using cookies.

The consent is valid until I recall it and, accordingly, continues to be valid even if the service is not ordered or used.

It is understood that I, at any time and without stating any reason, have the right to recall my consent, which is done by contacting Lime Technologies customer service.

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