What Does Lime Go Cost?

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What is included? Everything!

You get a simple and clever sales tool where contact details to all businesses in Sweden (or Norway or Denmark if you prefer) are included. Always updated. Always with you in the cloud.

Want help to get started?

Then we will book a start-up day. In short, we look at how you can work smarter and easier in Lime Go together with one of our consultants. We look at:

  • Clever work procedures.
  • Configuration of Lime Go to suit your business.
  • Smart tips and suggestions.
  • All your questions regarding Lime Go and sales.

Existing data? Migrate it to Lime Go!

You have the option to migrate your existing CRM data to Lime Go. Either you do it yourself or we help you.

  • Here you can read what a migration means and what you can migrate.
  • To be able to do it yourself you need some coding knowledge in Ruby. You find documentation and code here. You will need some help from us to download the migration files in Lime Go, but that is free of charge.
  • We are happy to help you with a migration. We do the coding for you and we also help you to structure and think cleverly around your data and what you want to do with it. We charge SEK 5,000 for this. Sometimes a migration can be very complex and then we provide individual price proposals.

More than 1000 companies have a head start.

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