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A new Era for Sales Tools

For more than 40 years there has been various tools for sales support on the market. Tools that have mainly focused on reporting and monitoring, not actually supporting the sales reps in their daily work. It is time for a new sales tool where the sales rep is the focus. It’s time for Lime Go.

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Gjør flere salg med Lime Go

Make More Business

One prerequisite for sales is to have someone to sell to. In Lime Go we have already from the start added information about all businesses in Sweden (yes, all!). With clever prospecting opportunities you can easily find your dream clients.

Lime Go will help and guide you through the entire sales process. You have full control of what is in the sales pipeline, what is the next step in the deal and what you have said, done and promised during the sales process.

Through clever reminders and notes, Lime Go helps you to get back to the right person at the right time. In short, it’s everything you need to work more efficiently with sales and make more business.

Easy to Count

“Time is money” might be a worn-out cliché but oh-so-true. One of the most time consuming tasks of a sales rep is to search for information. No more!

Contact details to all businesses in Sweden, combined with clever functions to contact and work them. You can stop searching for information and use your time doing what you do best instead. What is it worth to you?

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Crammed with Business Information

Did we mention that Lime Go contains business information and contact details to nearly 1 300 000 Swedish businesses? In the same view as the call button you can see turnover, number of employees, average salary and lots of other fun stuff. How do you adjust a pitch to suit the person you are calling?

If you don’t find (unlikely though) your dream clients among these, perhaps we can tempt you with all Danish and Norwegian businesses? Of course with the same high quality on the business information.

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Lime Go lives in the cloud. This means that you can always access your data, wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection.


Your data is safe with us. We collaborate with one of Sweden’s best data centre so that you (and we) can sleep well at night.


Computer, tablet or smart phone – doesn’t matter. Nor PC, Mac or Linux. Lime Go runs directly in the web browser and works everywhere.

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What do our clients say?

Great Support

Something causing trouble? Take it easy, we’ll help you! You can either reach us directly in the chat at the bottom right in Lime Go, or if you prefer via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. Or you can check out our FAQ. Behind the Lime Go team is Lime Technologies with more than 25 years of experience within sales and CRM.


Our Wonderful Partners

Revenue Factory!

Hasse Olsson // Revenue Factory

Hasse Olsson, founder of Revenue Factory, is one of Sweden’s most reputable lecturers and consultant within sales, sales management, sales training, performance management, growth, and corporate culture.

With experience from more than 200 businesses and numerous lectures, we are truly proud to have Hasse Olsson and Revenue Factory as our partner!

Awesome products. Now with even better software in the form of Lime Go

Apple Premium Resellers

With the partnership with APR Sweden Lime Go now joins a large crowd of awesome software, available from the Apple dealer. Simplicity and functional design are common catchwords for both us and for Apple. It is therefore a great pleasure that APR Sweden has chosen us as a partner for CRM-system / sales support.

You find us at the resellers Macforum, Macsupport, MacHuset, Kullander and Digital Inn.

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